Thursday, April 4, 2013

A-Z Challenge, D


I took a few psychology courses back in college because I was, am, interested in how the human mind works. What makes us tick? Why do we do the things we do? How much does our subconscious effect our choices and decisions? Does any of this influence why we dream what we dream? Truth be told, I don't have the answers to any of those questions. This, in turn, leaves me highly frustrated with human behavior. Sometimes, I can barely rationalize why I do what I do, why I think the way I think, let alone try to define why others do or say what they do or say.

Back to dreams. I know I dream of certain things and people because I have conflicting or unresolved issues with these things and people and I don't know if it's my inner self trying to console me or what, but sometimes it just freaks me out. I think it's these dreams that block my muse, prohibit me from writing sometimes.

For example, when I dream about my mother,  she is alive. Granted, she passed away quite some time ago, but in my dreams, she'll suddenly reappear, pretending she was just gone for a while, and she's like, "Hi! I'm back!" In other dreams I have about her, I'm always searching for her, looking for her. It's as though I know she's still alive, and I'm looking behind trees and under rocks for her. When I have such dreams, I wake feeling unsettled.

I'm not sure I'll ever come to terms with my mother's death, and the dreams don't always help. Just when I think I've finally found peace with it, I'll have one of these dreams and I will think I've made no progress at all!

Do you have experiences like this with your dreams?


  1. Sometimes dreams mean there is something thing unfinished. Did you get to say goodbye? Or perhaps something you wanted to tell her? Say it in your dreams to her it may help. Love the post.

    Cynthia (The Sock Zone)

    1. :( I think that's it... I didn't get to say goodbye, and I think there's a lot I wanted to, want to, tell her...

  2. Dreams, to me, are just my brain having a sort out, trying to work out things my frantic awake mind doesn't have time to consider. Try to hear what the dream is telling or showing you and write down your thoughts as soon as you wake. You'd be surprised how often this helps figure out what dreams are up to. Good luck!

  3. My dreams haunt me, and when I dream about my parents or grandparents who are dead, it leaves me unsettled as well. Wish I could just go to sleep and never dream. I would wake up a lot happier person.


  4. I'm afraid my dreams are very short on meaning. Usually it's mostly me, trying to accomplish some vague thing. Occasionally, I'm hard at work at some task; I call them "task" dreams, and I don't like them. They are unsatisfying and keep me from sleeping well. But I almost never have dreams with much meaning. Sometimes, someone I know will be in them and I wake up feeling more intensely about that person for a couple of days, but that's about it. Then there are the dreams where I'm back in school and haven't gone to one or more classes since I signed up for them, and it's 2/3 through the year. The only good thing about those is waking up and realizing it was just a dream and I haven't been in school for 20 years.

  5. Yes, I do have dreams like this! I never completed my education and I have often regretted it. I sporadically would have dreams of being back in school, in class...I'm back in college now and come to think of it, I haven't had that dream in a long time! But, as far as dreams go, generally, I have THE strangest dreams...

  6. I definitely experience dreams like that. It shakes you up and makes you think about things a lot. Sometimes I wonder what they are trying to tell me. For example, sometimes I'll have dreams about waking up in my bed and I'm sleeping next to a stranger, or just a friend. But I live with my boyfriend and he is for sure more than a friend! I don't know, it's really weird.

    Happy blogging! AtoZ Challenge Blogger

  7. I embrace my dreams, good or bad. I have "big" dreams-- those stay with me-- and they almost always reveal something to me. I do dream about those who have passed. It isn't always a bad thing-- many times I get through grieving by visiting with those who've past in my dreams. Sometimes the bid dreams are simply a message I needed to hear or a warning I need to heed. It took me a long time to embrace my dreams--but as one person told me, they weren't a curse but a gift. :) I hope you find peace in your dreams!

  8. Interesting how dreams connect us all on a human level, more so than the that old adage that we all put our pants on one leg at a time. Except for that school thing... Thank God I don't dream often about those days LOL... interesting too, is sometimes I dream of my ex. He's not dead lol but uh, I don't know why he decides to creep up into my subconscious... I have nothing I wish to say to that booger, that's for sure! Must just be the whole "unfinished" aspect of our life or something.