Thursday, April 11, 2013

A-Z Challenge: H


Granted, there's that word again, I'm a few days behind on my letters, and I have NO idea what day H was, let alone what my horoscope was for that day, but here it is for today:

"Boldness comes in many forms. You don't usually think of a bold person as someone with tears in their eyes, but the one who is unafraid to show his feelings in action is the very definition of bold."

Interesting. I wear my emotions on my sleeves, shoulders, face, and cuffs. I have heard people say that because of that, I am not under control of my actions. Well, I debate that because I call myself a passionate person. I care. Sometimes too much, sometimes about nothing, sometimes about everything, sometimes about the wrong things. But I care. And I'm animated. I have no problem speaking my mind. You don't have to agree or react to me, just hear me. And I'll hear you.

Anyhow, I cried the other day at work. In front of men. Bosses. And I had no problem doing so. I was upset, shocked, and angry by a matter that was brought to my attention. I can't go into details, but suffice to say, I was in a position that was rather new to me, and let me just add here, that sometimes, I just have no patience for people's bullshit, games, ignorance, and stupidity.

From time to time, we will, whether we like it or not, find ourselves at the mercy of others; we find ourselves at the end of a finger being pointed at us. We find ourselves questioning our actions, behavior, and motives, asking if we are in fact being honest and true. We find ourselves questioning the actions, behavior, and motives of others, and while perception is different for everyone, in the end, darn it, there is a universal right and wrong, right?

So I cried. It won't be the last time, I'm sure. Maybe this should vary based on the situation, and while all facts aren't present, did that moment make me weak, or was I bold? I have yet to answer this question myself. I'll have to get back to ya.

Your thoughts: weak or bold?

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  1. I think you were very bold. It takes a lot to show that kind of emotion.

    Just stopping by from a-z. :)